April 8th, 2004


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Can my week possibly get ANY worse? I really ... really doubt it.

So, the plaster replica of my shoe is coming along nicely, except for the fact that I've bruised my hands slaving over this damn thing. I've got blisters on my thumbs, the side of my hand is black and blue. GYAH! Stupid sculpture class!

And today, to top it all off, I slept over at Jens (more about THAT a little later ... ) and when I came home, I wanted to eat something. I had a cookie left over that I wanted to heat up, and while I was nuking it for a few minutes, someone came to the door. I was in my bra and pj bottoms, so I had to run and throw a shirt on. It was the maintenance guys, saying they needed to clean .. something or other. I then realized I left the cookie in the microwave too long, so it BURNED. I opened the door, grey smoke poured from it, I shut it quickly. GOD DO I HATE BURNED STUFF. I quickly opened the door again, tossed the burnt cookie in the trash, but now my room reaks of burned shit >
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Well, ACen swimming was a bust. It really sucks! They had the pool closed, because another convention was going on at the hotel. A Christian College convention,too, of all things. It's always a Christian thing at that hotel, I wonder why ...

But like, we got to the pool, and there was a con staffer there saying they had to close the pool because of too many drownings over the years. She said there were too many kids running around because of the convention so they couldn't open the pool ...

uhhh, ok WTF guys.

Jen thinks it's a bad sign. I ... don't think so. It's not the exact date we're suppose to go, so we're going to go next week on Wed, the *real* one month ACen warning day O_o.

I'm at Jen's 'burb house at the moment. I just spent a while doing up my Meier make up. It looks kick arse. I love the way my lips turned out. Pictures possibly coming soon :D

Oh, and I figured out why my contacts were being a bitch before. I had them turned inside out -_-. I've been wearing contacts for YEARS before this, and that never occured to me. Maybe because I thought they were a different sort of pair, they were suppose to hurt like that. But no. I flipped them inside out and put them in, and they feel SO MUCH BETTER. Go me ...

I'm really tired. Maybe it's because of the contacts. I always seem to get more tired after wearing contacts for a while.

Oh yeah, Mad Mad House was awesome tonight. I loved it. I wish I had the sci-fi channel in my apaato.

uhm ... uh ... mmm ... yeah .. oh wait .. uhhhh ..

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