April 7th, 2004


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And I thought *I* was a pedophile ...


*shudder* thnx Bunny :D

Tomorrow we get to go ACen swimming! Yes! It's around this time of the year when we'd have to come to the hotel and pay our first night's stay for ACen, and we always go swimming. In the past, I've gotten sick for having wet hair walking back to the El, but I think it won't be too bad tomorrow. I hope not. If anyone from around the Chicagoland area wants to come, we'll be going after 4:30, 5 o'clock. I think I'll make a post on cosplay ... just in case. It's not quite a month until ACen, but it's close enough. I know it's sort of ... illegal to do this, but we've gotten away with it in the past. We change in the bathrooms, bring our own blowdryers, and everything is peachy keen.

I was also thinking about setting up a cosplay gathering, just like Candy's Cosplay Picnic. Of course, the most appropriate place to do this would be in the Osaka Gardens. I think I'll start contacting them to see if we could have a little gathering there. Anyone interested?
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