April 6th, 2004


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I need Snarry


I lost my motherfucking UPass, so I can't get to class, because I also have NO MONEY TO GET ON THE TRAIN OR EVEN TO BUY LUNCH.

I'm so poor, it's pathetic.

Luckly, my Human Sexuality class only takes of 1% for each class you miss, so ... technically, I could miss all 10 classes and get an 90%, which is kinda cool ... of course, then there's the exams, which I can't miss, and the final paper ...

*sigh* this fucking frustrates me to no goddamn end. I HATE LOSING STUFF! I never ever ever do it. Never not ever never never ever! Not to mention, I don't have $35 to replace it.

I just can't see how it went missing! I keep it in a nice little slot on my keyboard, where the prntscrn, scroll lock, and pause buttons are, because it's perfectly card-shaped to hold my ID and my UPass. That's another thing. It should be with my ID, because those two are inseperable, but it's NOT! I SAW it this morning. I took my ID to go work out, came back up here, and put it RIGHT back with my UPass. When I was leaving to go to class, the two of them came with me in my pocket. It's always in 1 of 2 places: my pocket, or the pocket in my bag. It never goes anywhere else. SO WHY THE HELL IS IT MISSING?!


I'm going to go eat the entire bag of Reese's peanut butter eggs and about 3 cans of soda, and be mad at myself for loosing shit ...

EDIT: My monitor is still fucked up, but now it's permanently so. I tried jiggling the cables, nothing. I'm going to complain to my dad to get me a flat screen. Drew says they're actually clinically proven to be better for your eyes than these hunks of shit that take up a good 2 square feet on my desktop.
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ok, WTF Lycos? WTF icredifind? STOP it! Right now!

When I type in www.cosplaylab.com, stop breaking it up into unsearchable words like cospl ayla bcom. And why can you not search for live journal? How are those non-serchable words? Not only that, but when I type in www.livejournal.com, STOP INTERCEPTING MY INTERNET!


Why won't you get any better, oh shit-tastic day of mine?

thnx goes to snapesdarkling for making me feel better with her "Funny thing happened on the way to the dungeon" series that I needed to catch up with. Now I'm in an angst ridden depression.

And I had this wonderful idea, maybe I'll turn it into a drawbble for flimsy

SiriusxHarryxSeverus anyone?
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What indie jrock band are you destined to meet? by farferellokins
favorite food?
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My day, still = shitty

I need help. Maybe I can go to Cancun and get some perscription drugs w/o a perscription and mix them with some alcohol and buzz off into a wonderful drug enduced haze ...
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