March 31st, 2004


Once again ...

Costume has kept me from sleep. I think this might be a serious threat to my health ...

This is the wig that I'm going to purchase this 2nd time around. Only problem is ... I don't know which color to get. I've already bought the Katie Blair wig dye, and I want something as close to snow white as possible. The last time I bought something from them, the light blue ended up being an odd teal color and not at all like the picture I expected. But, being a dumbass, I went ahead and started styling it, so now it's unreturnable >< (if anyone wants a mullet-styled teal wig ... uhm ... let me know ... I'll sell it to you for dirt cheap!)

The platinum blond looks like it might turn green with KB's wig dye, so I'm kinda iffy about that (unless there's wig bleach? Maybe I could bleach the blonde from it?) But the silver-white is too dark, unless, again, I can get wig bleach and bleach it out.

I should really post this on cosplay ... I think I will ... but I just wanted to know what you all thought about it.

comixologist, I value your imput lilacwire, you too my fine cosplay friend.
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My computer will not stop clicking!

"click ... CLANK ............. click ... CLANK ... "


It seems to go away when I restart, but it starts up again after about 20 minutes. It also seems to be messing with my Internet Explorer. Things are slowing down ... this is not good. I've got plenty of RAM, and I've got 3 gigs of harddrive space so ... I don't know what's going on.

*pulls out hair* and I still haven't found a decent wig yet *growl*

Here are a few I've found that I feel I can style with my limited wig styling abilities:
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