March 30th, 2004


You know you're pathetic when ...

You lose sleep because you're thinking about a costume. I can't get this fucking Meier problem out of my head. What problem you ask? The whole THING is a problem! It's not FINISHED. And now that I've come to the colclusion that I need to buy a brand new wig, I'm not happy ... at all. Not one bit. Not to mention I need to buy another 2 elements. *sigh*

I watched my DLed copy of VHD: Bloodlust last night, and I was going to try and make an animated gif of the way the claw morphs out of his hand, but WMP doesn't really let me do that. I'm going to try and see if PowerDVD will let me. And Matt is teh coolest. After ACen, he told me to give him back the glove and he's going to make it spring loaded :O Kind of like the Stargate helmets, it's all going to slink back into the collar and all I need to do is push a button and "SHINK!" it comes out, and I just slide it around my fingers. :O How WICKED will that be? I'm going to definitely wear it for Reactor if it does that :D

*sigh* other than that, I still have a lot of work to do. And on top of that, I've got school now, so I can't work on it as much as I'd like.

Apres midi-ah ... paris ... I am so iiiiiiiiiin to jew!

Now I have this urge to read the 5th book again ... but, goddamnit, couldn't JK have made it like ... LIGHTER? I don't want to drag this thing with me everywhere ... it's like back in high school, when you had to carry all of those fucking heavy text books, and I never did, so I didn't do well in class, just because I have a bad back and can't carry all those books.
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I've decided that I'm not ready to go to school yet

So I'm not going to my first classes ...

I know all the teachers in those classes, and I know they do nothing on the first days, so ...

Besides, that only means that I won't be tempted to take days off later on in the trimester when the classes are more important *nod*
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OMG magnets are my new best friend O_O

I've used them in my Meier costume to link the armor and the cape together, but not permanently. Magnets are soooo perfect! You can glue them in, and they work wonders! I *heart* magnets!

I've decided that I will, indeed purchase a new wig. But I will not make the same mistake again. I'm going for the $5 cheaper, slightly smaller wig in platinum white, and I will be purchasing the powder blue Katie Blair wig dye and powder blue wig cap. I've gotten too far on this costume to have a shitty wig. ANd if that means paying another $50 to get that, then I don't care. I'm going to make this costume worth every godamn penny >O

I have to.

Best of Show, here we FUCKING come!
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