March 28th, 2004


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Spring break is over. I'm feeling a little scared at the moment. I just got back my grades, 2 B-'s, not bad. I might still be considered a sophomore though. I need to find out where I'm living next year. I want to life in CFH again, but preferably in a single room. I think living in Lincoln Park is my best option right now. Sure, living on Michigan Ave was pretty sweet but ... not all that pratical. *sigh* I'm getting all stressed out and my classes haven't even started yet.

Meier is still ... not finished. I bought some fake nails to file into sharp points, and I talked with Matt today about making my claw. He seems pretty excitted about it, and I'm glad. He said it would take about a month, I just hope he can do it. It would be a most excellent edition to my costume.

Oh, FYI, for those of you that talk to me on AIM

I am NO LONGER using Ionelydarkness for my SN.

I am only using "Honey Vanity" now

Ionelydarkness was getting old, everyone probably thought I was some depressed emo kid.

No, Ashley, not EMU. *imagines goth emu wearing black lipstick and eyeliner and platform boots* ><;

No class until 1:30 tomorrow! w00t!

That .. still doesn't make me happy. Meier is not finished, problems arising from that. Housing is being a pain in the arse, and I haven't done my taxes yet ... *huff*
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Someone ... make me happy ...

I need a Snarry fan art, or an HP drabble, or Gackt naked and covered in chocolate laying on my bed, or ... something to make me ... not feel like shit ...

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