March 25th, 2004


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I'm growing more and more happy with this Meier costume as the pieces are finally coming together. I finished up the main fosshape form of the armor, complete with the odd side buldges. I haven't added the fabric to it yet, but I did try and work on how to make the gold detailing around the neck. With the type of fabric I'm using to cover the armor, there is no WAY I can put piping on the collar. I'm just going to use gold paint, I was planning on using paint anyways. I need to get a lot of piping rope to finish making all the piping I'll need for the coat and the armor. The coat! Ugh, I haven't even started it yet. But I want to make the cape work. I added the PVC to it and it makes an awesome batwing shape ^^ Now, the only problem with that is the fact that the armor really limits how high I can lift my arm. So ... it's either have really cool armor that restricts my arm movement, or show off the batwing cape and fuck up the armor -_-.

*sigh* it is definitely coming along, and I'm getting really excitted about it and all. Only problem now is ... I think I'm gonna start a little excersizing regim. If I were just a few pounds lighter in the midsection and thighs, I think everything would fit better, more comfortably.

I really wish Jen would wake up earlier than 2 pm sometimes ...
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