March 21st, 2004


Live from Ashley's room!

Yep, you know what that means. I'm at home, but I'm raping Ash's computer to update my LJ :P I'm so nice. Well, back to work after 3 weeks is kinda odd, but I need the fuxin' money. Lots of it. Shower me with it, plz.

Yesterday at work, this lady came through my line with just a few items, but a cart, with her sleeping daughter in it. She wasn't like, sleeping laying down, but she was sleeping propped up in the corner, with her head tilted back. She was snoring rather loudly, and yet HER EYES WHERE OPEN! OMG IT WAS SO FUCKING TRAUMATIZING! I've never seen that before ...

Apparently, everyone hates me at work because I'm the FES's little pet. Which, actually I'm not. I didn't make myself that way. I just do my work, and Donna seems to appreciate it. So, I've made quite a few enemies at the Depot. Oh friggin' well.

Oh yeah, my brother came by today. First time I've seen him in a year now. He's got a pedophile mustache, no joke. I hate him. I felt really awkward actually leaving the house while my brother stayed behind (I had to go to work)even thought he was with my parents ><

Blarg, time to go drinking!! XD
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