March 19th, 2004


*le sigh*

Now I can relax. Japanese paper = done. Finals = done. Me = getting better.

Anyone know that feeling when you get sick, and you have a stuffy nose, when suddenly it goes to your ear and clogs it so that sound is muffled? Yeah, I REALLY hate that feeling, and that's what has happened in my left ear >< I remember the last time this happen, it took a good week for it to unclog. Pooh. I'm feeling better, not as achey, but still kinda not wanting to do anything. Yesterday was so boring, I was bothering so many ppl online, that most of them stopped talking to me :/ Sorry guys!

I still don't know why I joined Furcadia again. I'm not too fond of Furries e.e;
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Woohoo! I got my contacts! They're in now, and GOD do they feel wierd O_o;; Well, not so much feel wierd, but ... make my vision act wierd.

I have this little rim of red right around my eye whenever I look straight. It feels better when I'm looking down or to the side or up, but it's weird to look straight forward. They're the right perscription though. I'll just need to get used to them before ACen.

I should call up Jen and maybe ... work on Meier some ... *freaks* 8 WEEKS! I HAVE NO TIIIIME! >
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