March 18th, 2004


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I want to die.

And if I don't get over this cold, Maguro will die too, because I need to change the water in his bowl :/

I think I have a fever, and that NyQuill worked for about 3 hours last night, until it conveniently wore off at around 1 am and left me restless.

And I've developed a cough. Greeeeeat. Will someone go to the drug store and get me 'feel better' pills and juice? e.e;
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Some GOOD news for once ...

Apparently, Dazian sent us the last of the bolt of the fosshape, and Jen says we have a lot more than just 3 yards. Excellent :D

I am starting to feel a lot better, so hopefully by tomorrow I'll be ok and then for Saturday to go to work. God, I haven't been to the Depot in 3 weeks. I can't miss another week of work, my bank account needs me e.e;;

Ok, I think I'm finally well enough to clean poor Maguro's bowl. Before he dies. Don't die Maguro! Don't die!
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