March 17th, 2004


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Goddamnit, I knew I shouldn't have walked aorund outside in that HORRIBLE snow that we're not suppose to have with my just gotten out of the shower and I was too hungry to want to blow dry my hair look. Now I've got an achy throat and a stuffy nose. Kinda like 2 years ago, when we went to the Hyatt to put down the night deposit for ACen and then we went swimming. It was about 35-40 degrees outside and we didn't have a blowdryer to dry our hair. I got pretty sick for about a week, fearing I'd have to miss ACen. I think that's the last time I truly ever got sick ... *thinks* yeah ... damn me and my stupidity.

I was suppose to go to Jen's last night and work on Meier (the pants are done! Yay!) but I felt too shitty to go over there. I laid down when I got back from my last crit (we got cupcakes!) and fell asleep somehow. I woke up this morning to see that Jen called, but my phone was turned into silent mode.

Hmm, I wonder if the cafe is going to be open at all during Spring Break ... it would be really sucky if I had to buy meals down here all week long. I do plan on staying here for a bit during Spring Break, just so that I can get a good chunk of Meier done. It'll be the best week I have, considering next quarter I'm going all out and doing 5 classes, and yet amazingly none of them are on Friday ^_^

*shiver* it just looks so shitty outside ... wtf weather ... I said no more snow! Winter is SO over!


Instead, they're trying to get another band ... uh ... sucks ... yeah ... I dunno, I'm not too sad that he's not going to make it, but I wouldn't have minded seeing him. Greg and I wanted to go try and drink with him ... and I told Greg he'd try to sleep with him ... XD

Oh, and yeah ... I just started listening to Schwarz Stein's new album *_* They really went out with a bang! I like that ^_^
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Being sick really really blows.

Thinking that you shouldn't have gone outside in the cold with a wet head a day too late makes it even worse.

And why do I feel even more shitty after I've taken a nap? >O

*squirmwrithebitchmoancomplain* I HATE THIS SO MUCH! I HATE BEING SICK! GRAAARR!!
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