March 15th, 2004


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Aah, I missed those days back in jr high when I loved Jurassic Park ... I just unearthed my VHS copies recently and have been watching them again. I'd forgotten (or perhaps I never knew?) how ground breaking the first one was. I also found this 30 minute VHS about the making of Jurassic Park. They never went into the whole hurricane that blew through and ruined most of the sets on Hawaii in that video. Hn *shrug*

I saw Secret Window and Big Fish this weekend as well. Secret Window was excellent. Predictable (as, what I'm told, King is) but good. Johnny made it better, methinks. He makes Dorito's look sexy.

Mum's alright. Her '6 months to live' scare is gone, her proceedure today went without a hitch, she wasn't even in pain. She's gonna be fine, which lifts a GREAT weight from her shoulders, as well as my own. I love my mom. I'm closer to her than I am to my dad. I guess that's to be predicted but ... I really love my mom. I bought her a beanie baby swan named 'Goddess' the night before her surgery, and she was happy ^_^

Oy ... I'm really tired ... maybe I should just call it a night ... *flop*

Meier work is to be done tomorrow! I got the fosshaaaaape *does a jig*
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