March 7th, 2004


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Wow, this weekend went by like a BLUR. But, to sum it up, spent a lot of money, got a lot of 'discounts', got insane amounts of fabric, and didn't have to work :D

My fabric excursion weekend

So, I needed s'more fabric, and a lot of interfacing for my stuff. Naturally, I went to Hancock, because they have the best stuff, and also Ash was working. She said she'd try to score me a discount, and she DID. I found this neat fabric to line my coat, and a gorgeous crimson satin lining for the cape. The satin was regularly $10/yard, but I got it for $8/yard :D. I got some 60" interfacing, some lining for the coat, a pattern and shoulder pads for the coat, and I was all set. 20% discounts rock, so hardcore man.

So, then I went home and just chilled at him on teh computer. This was Saturday ... I think ... bah, I forget. it's not like you guys care ...

Well, I did one more trip to the fabric store, made a run to the thrift store to get Meier pants, found some neat strip stuff to add to the pants, and got some HP fabric to make a pillow ^_^ And some stuffing. Went to Hot Topic, got s'more white make up powder. Went to Clair's, got very sweet earrings for Meier. Greg aquired a bracelet. I was going to get a Sirius shirt, but they didn't have the other 3 I saw on the website, so I'm gonna just get all 4 on the website and get free shipping ^_^

Oh yes, and I've decided not to get the claw for Meier. It's either the claw, or the contacts. I'd rather get the contacts, really.

Got a harddrive from Matt, it's bogus, doesn't work, am kinda upset ;_;

We went and played with some puppies at the puppy palace down the street with my parents, they're seriously considering getting another dog. I think it's a very bad idea. They literally killed our last one.

Just heard from someone who's in the know about the UCC RA thing. They say they're still processing the people that tried out for the jobs. She thinks it's because the other 2 schools haven't shown much interest in it, that they're dragging it out. So, I might STILL have a chance to get that jorb, and hot damn, that makes me feel so good.

Ok, now to Jen's, to possibly do some sewing :D
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