March 5th, 2004


survey Gackt'ed from all my whores


Age: 489, I'm older than Gackt :P
Band listening to right now: Surprising to say, I haven't been listening to much Japanese *gasp* Maroon5, The Darkness,
Dad's name: Jack to my mom, John to everyone else
Easiest person to talk to: probably comixologist ^_^;
Favorite song at the moment: Honey Vanity, STILL
Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: I like strawberry puffs
Hometown: the WIndy City
Instruments: flute, and my mad whistling skills
Job title: Student, who will never graduate on time if she doesn't get her arse in gear
Longest car ride ever: 2 day trip to Florida. And I didn't have to pee ONCE.
Mom's name: Mary the Virgin Mother XD
Number of siblings: none
Oldest sibling: me
Phobia[s]: Being beside big passenger trains (not riding them, and I don't mind the El)
Quote you like: "THIS IS A DELICIOUS PEAR!" -- Greg impersonating Matt, talking about the kid that got gunned down by police officers, thinking he had a grenade, when in actuallity he had a pear O_o
Reason to smile: When I finish a costume, when I watch anything with Johnny in it, good Snarry fanart
Song you sang last: probably Honey Vanity ...
Time you wake up: 10:30 am
Unknown fact about me: I think I've finally achieved 'Duddly' status ... I'm fatter than I am tall >O
Vegetable you hate: steamed brocoli
Worst habit: belch a lot, no matter where I am, public, private, church
X-rays you've had: head, back, neck
Yummy food: BBQ chickan pizza, those awesome sugar cookies from Jewel, chinese food
Zodiac sign: Sag

1.) Thinking back, what was the first thing you saw Alan in even if you didn't know it was him at the time?: I'm sure it was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
2.) What was the first thing you saw Alan in where you said "Hey, That's Alan Rickman. I know him, he's awesome!" GalaxyQuest ^_^
3.) (For girls, and some guys too I guess) What was the first thing you saw Alan in and thought, "Wow... not only a good actor, but hot to boot!"? Definitely Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets *_*
4.) What role of Alan's surprized you? Love Actually. He was such a BITCH!
5.) What role of Alan's, if any, have you not seen, but wish to see the most? Dark Harbor XDDD
6.) What movie was Alan in where he was great, but the movie sucked? Haven't seen one that has quite given me that reaction yet ... but, I'd have to say ... his song Intelligence, the song absolutly SUCKS, it's HORRIBLE, AUDIBLE TORTURE, but he's got some good potential to be a 'Scar from Lion King'-esk singer ^_^
7.) What role of Alan's was your least favorite because it just didn't suit him? I've seen pictures of a kookie Alan in Quigly Down Under, and it doesn't seem to suite him ... he should only play sexah bad guys!
8.) What was your least favorite role of Alan's because he didn't do so great? He played a pretty gay Sheriff of Nottingham. I don't think the Sheriff was suppose to be that gay ...
9.) What would you say to Alan if you could meet him? "Can you PRETTY PRETTY please place a restraining order on me?!?!?!"
10.) Is there any role in a book, or a movie remake, or tv remake that you would love to see Alan in because he is just too perfect for the part? Harry Potter has done that already ...

ok, shower time!
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