March 2nd, 2004


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</a></br>you are Dai Hard</br>It's Christmas Eve and Tokyo cop, Daisuke Ando, is flying into Kyoto. A limousine has been sent to take Daisuke from the airport to the high rise Hotel. Everything is XMAS cheer and holiday fun, but as Daisuke gets ready to join the hotel celebrations on the 17 floor, there's a disturbance outside... some uninvited guests with guns are crashing the party... Daisuke's got a nose for danger, a penchant for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a talent for overcoming incredible odds... Will he save the day! will the punch be spiked! WILL THERE BE FREE EGGNOG!? !?? ?!? ! ??!</br>Which Dir en grey Blockbuster are you?</br>find out at esoteric symphony

*cackle* Great, this quiz totally rocked!

Doj, I had a Chillichino today, but the esspresso hasn't quite hit me yet ... so, I think I'll go nap!

God, I seem to do a lot of napping ... could it be because of my 8:30 class? Or am I just getting old? O_o
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