March 1st, 2004


"No, by all means, KILL the welp!"

Welp ... I finished my presentation for Shintoism in ... an hour and a half, giving me enough time to take a lazy shower, and still go to the cafe and get some proper lunch food, and even make a boring LJ post about it!

I spent the night at Jens, yet I slept in my own bed. Y'see, I was at Jens until about 2 am, but I came home to sleep in my own bed. I set my alarm to wake me at 8, but turned it off, and slept until 9:30. Got right to work on project. Finished it, added some pictures, found more info, beefed it up to 23 slides, it's all good.

Jen got her D wig over the weekend, and last night she worked on the cape while we watched the Oscars.

Go LotR! XD Dom and Billy and Lij looked so cute, I could tell Dom had a tear or two in his eyes when they won best picture. And ... uhmmm ... where was Viggo? Where was Orli? Keidy said that Orli might've been in the 'Pirate' section, yet ... there was really just Johnny in the Pirate section ... *shrug* Just curious. You'd think they'd be there. I think Viggo has this thing against big award shows ...

But yes, back to Jen! The wig she got is AWESOME. It's SO PERFECT. Iola was being a real critic and bashing on Jen's uncleanliness of her 'stume. Iola can be a real bitch sometimes, but she's from a fabrication background and not a fashion one, so she's ANAL about attentivness to detail, which is understandable. She said Jen's costume is amazing from a FASHION standpoint, but not at all good from a fabrication standpoint. :/ Jen said she would work to perfect it, because it's not just a costume to her anymore. It's her baby. Not that Baby, but a new one ... she needs to finish the cape w/ shoulder spikes, and make the hat, and finish the belts, and add the circles to the cuffs. Other than that, it's pretty much complete. I've got pics, haven't uploaded 'em yet.

And in honor of the 11 little statues the LotR folks won, I'm wearing my Merry & Pippin shirt to my presentation XD

I remember back in highschool, it was such a big deal to have a presentation, you'd get dressed up in a skirt and such, and during the day, everyone would be like "Oooh, you got a presentation today! Haha!" and make me feel even more nervous than I already was ><

Oh, and poor Johnny, no Oscar for him ... but he was HAWT lookin' XDD
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Must. Have. Snarry. Fix. *shiver*

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Ooou, shiney O_O
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