February 20th, 2004


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i support hot gay sex.

Forget that silly rainbow striped bar ... this is what I'm talkin' about! XD

Yaoi itsumo! XDDD

[/dork moment]

Here I am, at Jen's place again. She got her fangs last night and I helped her make them. They look super cool! I didn't bring mine, and I had a feeling Jen got hers, but I didn't bring them. I might go back and get them today and make them here.

I also need to get home and go get my TATTOO BECAUSE IT'S ALAN RICKMAN'S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! w00t! [/another dork moment]

.... if I do get it done, I'll be posting pictures, no doubt. ^^;

I bought some wireform yesterday to help me in making my Meier armor. It seems to work rather well, although I'm rather iffy about putting buckram on it, because it seems rather flimsy. It holds shape well, but not as well as I was hoping. I should've gotten the stronger stuff ... if there was stronger stuff. This one was modeling mesh, so I thought it was the sturdiest. Maybe contour mesh would've been stronger? I should've asked the guy -_- Oh well! This'll have to do for now.

I also got beads and earring stuffs to make Meier's blue earrings the same bead as the ones I'm putting in the (still not found) wig.

Oooouu, it's raining outside! RAIN! Not snow! Not sleet! RAIN! *joygasm* That means it's like ... possibly almost 50! WOOHOO!

Oh yeah, and I found $20 in the elevators a couple days ago. I used it to buy my mesh. I told myself I was going to use it for a wig but ... the mesh is ok, as long as it goes towards a costume piece.

Oh man, I love Jen's shampoo. I should change mine. I've had the same stuff for about 2 years, and that's probably not good for my hair.

Kozibot, out *click*
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