February 18th, 2004


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Honey Vanity (from Khaos/Kinema)

music: Kozi
lyrics: Kozi

Ah, sadness! Farewell
Farewell to this new deep suffering too
Ah, sadness! Hello
In elegance far too dazzling and bright

Ah, sadness! Farewell
Bits and peices fluttering down
Round and around merry-go-round
Ah, sadness! Farewell
"I think I'll try and shake things up"
Bright life merry-go-round

To my heart...it reflects
You smiled enticingly
And the pretend dancing girl
Faded into the waves of darkness
parched and torn apart

Ah, sadness! Farewell
Quickly dancing round
Round and around merry-go-round
Ah, sadness! Farewell
"I shall try crashing down"
Bright life merry-go-round

To your heart...it will flow down
You hold up a bloodstained hand
Everything is painted in wounds
The end means we'll be killed
You...even my heart, again...

Ah, sadness! Farewell
Undecided and faltering
Round and around merry-go-round
Ah, sadness! Hello
Forever hanging in midair
And oh, isn't it FUN

In your eyes I found my own eyes
And then et cetera...
Have you found yours in mine?
Aa kanashimi yo sayounara hajime to shiru fukai kurushimi mo
Aa kanashimi yo konnichiwa azayaka sugiru hodo adeyaka ni
Aa kanashimi yo sayounara chirichiri mau

Round and around merry-go-round

Aa kanashimi yo sayounara yurete miru wa

Bright life merry-go-round

kokoro e utsushidasu kimi wa temaneki hohoende
toki ni odoriko kidori yagate yami no mokuzu to kie  kara kara saketa

Aa kanashimi yo sayounara kirikiri mau

Round and around merry-go-round

Aa kanashimi yo sayounara ochite miru wa

Bright life merry-go-round

Kokoro e nagaredasu kimi wa chisome no te o kazashi
subete wa kizu o tsuke saigo ga korosu kimi ga... kokoro o mo mata

Aa kanashimi yo sayounara tayu tau saga

Round and around merry-go-round

Aa kanashimi yo konnichiwa hatenai chuuzuri aa tanoshii

Boku wa kimi no me no naka ni boku no me o mitsuketa soshite et cetera
Kimi wa boku no me no naka ni kimi no me o mitsuketa? 

I know Ash said she posted them ... but this is for me ... because I found them on my own ... :D
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I fixed my skirt trim that got ruined at the anti-Valentine's Day party, and it's good as new. That red trim that was $.50 a yard is ... well ... pretty shitty, but it looks very pretty. I worked more on the top, and it's starting to come along a lot better. If I wasn't so fucking fat, it might look better. But I still need to make the arm deals, add the lace to the top, and figure out something to do with my hair, and make the fan dealie behind my head.

Damn, I say deal a lot. Thnx kyolicious It's all your fault ... or something ...

I found out this person on AOL is using my old picture of Lucius that I manipulated (this was before we'd seen pictures of movie!Lucius, but after the announcement that Jason was going to play him ... ). I could be all "Hey, just gimmy credit ... " or be "Fuck, bitch! Get that off your webpage now!"

I'd actually prefer the latter, only because it's the shitty version, and I've made a better one. I could offer her the better one, but she wasn't responding to my IMs ...

Jen ordered her D wig today. I got my vulture ^_^ I haven't picked it up yet, but Creepy Dan (Dan is one of the .. more odd door attendents in my building ... ) said that I had a package about the size of a shoebox. I know that it's my vulture and I'M SO HAPPY!!

boggart!Snape is one step closer to completion ...

Now ... to get the fabric ... e.e;;

I want the Lego boggart!Snape to complete my lego HP dude collection of favorite characters. I still need Lucius and Lockhart. Toys are PHUN!

Ok, even tho I've had 3 cherry cokes tonight, I'm tired, and I should go to bed ... yeah, uh huh ... -_-zzZZ
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