February 17th, 2004


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My Art 105 teacher is the sweetest lady in the world. She's letting me make up a class by going to this artist lecture instead of failing the class ^^ And I really cannot fail. I didn't know that her idea of absences was after the 4th one you fail. Usually it's after the 5th one, that's DePaul's standard. But she's super nice, and I'm also going to do some extra credit to see if I can hike up my grade. She gave me half credit for an assignment that I did 4 out of the 5 ink paintings. I've seen other people in the class have not handed in almost all of their project so far, so I must not be as bad as them. This class is so shitty, but it's a friggin' requirment, and I don't like those. But good news! Since I've taken Comp Applications for Design 1, I don't have to take friggin' digital toolbox! Yay! Freed up one of my credits XD But next quarter, I'm going to need to have 5 classes, and as few classes on Friday as possible. Idealy, I want only Tues-Thurs classes, but that's ... not going to be all that possible e.e;

Graaaaah! So much shiiiiiiiit >< I wish I were a bear so I could hibernate for the entire winter, I'm so sick of the cold weather. It's going to start getting 'nice.' And by 'nice' I mean in the 40's, because Chicago is a bitch like that.

Whoa ... I just saw a girl that works at the Potbelly's near Jen's dorm. She's a student at DePaul? Weeeeeeeeird ...

Bah, an hour left to kill ... I think it's time to go eBay hunting! Maybe, if I don't feel dead after my night class, I'll head over to Jen's and maybe she'll have her fangs and we can work on them together *squee!* and maybe start the ears? I need to start thinking about ... starting the bulk of my Meier costume -_-

.... moo
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cosplay.com finds

Much like lilacwire I'm here to show off pics I found on cosplay.com and tell you all my very bias and evil opinions about them XD




This is scaring me. I love Cindy and all but .. it says she'll be at ACen ... and ... possibly in the Masq ... and .. goddamnit, they need to stop making kick ass costumes so us newer guys can win! No, not really. I think Cindy and Julia and Barb are fuckin' awesome, and I'm glad I know them.


I'd only seen fansview pictures of Ryan's 'I'm not Sephiroth' costume. But this picture shows the insane detail. It's very very cool, and the wig is fantastic!




Fucking. Sweet. That's all I gotta say ...




lmfao, the guy on the right reminds me of you, lehah


And because everyone loves kitties ...


Holy shit, either that cat his hyooog, or the kitty is super small ... O_o

Ok, so that wasn't much of a critique, it was more of a "Hey, these pics are cool, I thought I should make a random post about them ... "

oook, now to my next class of doom, no nap for me! ;_;
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