February 16th, 2004


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My journal says I'm 53% feminine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

Wow, it's right! Amaaaaazing ...

Thnx to the Mollster for teh new SNK icon! Even tho I don't like SNK all that much (I'm not even sure what it stands for O_o ) I've seen these icons before, and they are so kewl ^^

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-_- I really really do not like those feelings about ACen, because I'm getting paranoid that it'll happen. I'll put off doing everything and then ACen will just appear out of nowhere and I won't be finished -_- Jen is so much farther along than I am. I'm still trying to gather materials. I just got my fangs in the mail yesterday and they're the kind where you use Thermoplastic to make a mold of your tooth instead of those pink mold things with the glue like my old fangs ... which is SO MUCH BETTER. Those other fangs take 1/2 an hour to set, and you have to hold it there and, guh. These can set within 5 minutes. I hope it works out like I think it's going to. Oh! And Iris's friend Kyle KNOWS HOW TO MAKE EARS AND HE'S GOING TO HELP US MAKE OUR VAMPIRE EARS I'M SO EXCITTED! If we didn't have him, we'd have to get the shitty kind that don't look right on your ears. The ones we're going to make are specially molded to our ears. They're like ... the ones that the LotR guys had made for their ears. They're one-time use and take like ... 2 days to make O_o But we have an expert that's going to help us! Wee!

I really should get to work on finishing my Jrock costume ... and fixing the ripped lace from the party -_- Now I'm worried that it's going to happen at ACen. So many things are going wrong with my outfit. It looks so nice on paper on a skinny JRock-ish me that I drew, but when I try to put it on myself, I just look like a fat cow in black and red >O And Jen's going to be all accuratly skinny because she's not human ... at all ...

*sigh* Maybe I should ... go get ready ... for class ... and stuff ... moo ...
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