February 15th, 2004


Oh yeah ...

I've had quite a lovely weekend. Much partying, some drinking, zombifying, and buying stuff.

I made out with Stargate Ultimate edition. It's got both the directors cut and theatrical release, plus behind the scenes stuff and DELETED SCEEEEEEENES! (with a very amusing "Owners of Stargate Special Edition, get $5 when you buy the Ultimate Edition!" coupon ... ) OMG YES! Jaye Davidson is sooooooo pretty, it's scary. SCARY!

I also got Benny & Joon. Depp is adorable. It's a cute movie. It was only $9. So was the Stargate Ultimate Edition. And I got a new trance CD for $11! It was on saaaaaale, I <3 sales ...

And now ... I think ... I need food ... *_*
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