February 12th, 2004


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Ok, so I know that movie trailers are suppose to make a movie look good so that you go and see it and all ... especially if it's a movie that's not a sequel. You can usually tell if that movie is going to suck by whether or not you liked the first one. Usually ... the sequel sucks. Except in the case of movies that will most likely be put into trilogies or more i.e. Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Star Wars classic trilogy or LotR. Usually, the second one gets better, and the 3rd one is the best (sometimes).

Of course, I don't want to claim to be an expert on movies. In fact, I know that I am very biased because I do happen to love Harry Potter, and I know the films will just get better and better, mainly because the books get better. Or so I hope *crosses fingers!*

But to get back to what I really wanted to say ...

I just watched the Van Hellsing trailer and I am absolutly astonished. It is so visually amazing, so completely gorgeous, the moment I saw some shots, everything reminded me of Amano's world, especially in relation to D.


It's so gorgeous, I know for a fact I want to see this movie, not only because the trailer makes it look pretty.

And the second trailer I saw was King Arthur. No big names (except maybe Kiera Knightly AS GUIENIVERE! w00t! I'm glad she's taking a serious action-type roll. She is well suited to be an action heroine, I think ... ) It too looks visually fantastic, a retelling of an old tale in a good way.

That's another thing, lots of studios are doing revamps of classics. Peter Pan for instance. I looooooved it, I really did. I thought it stood up well to Spielberg's Hook. But maybe my tastes are just yearning for something new, something other than LotR, PotC and Harry Potter ... since that's all that I seem to enjoy these days.

Who knows ... I thought I'd write about something a bit more enjoyable other than me feeling like a stupid depressed wretch.

Oh, woa is me ...
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