February 11th, 2004


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Welp, I feel like I'm almost, not quite, wearing out my welcome at Jen's place. I've been here all day, and since 10 pm last night. I'm not planning on spending the night, but I would like to finish this JRock top before I leave. I'm going to need it for an anti-Valentines Day party that Tank is throwing. We're suppose to dress up as zombie's. I'm just gonna go as a ... dead JRocker, I guess *shrug* Jen's gonna need to help me with the make up, she did a good job on Ick.

But that means I have 2 days to finish this somewhat complex shirt and do the arm deallies before the party -_-;

And on top of that, I still have a painting I need to START that's due tomorrow by 5:45 pm >O

I've given up on Col, no more RPing for me. It's not like I truly have the time anyways. I've got a lot of sewing projects that are half started, still in the process of being drawn out and gathering materials, and some that are just coming to me now that I won't get to until probably ... Reactor.

I've been having ... not really dreams ... more like visions (because I'm still kinda awake when I have them) that Jen and I win the Best of Show, but something goes wrong. Either we leave and can't accept the award, or we start to cry tears of joy and they won't give us the awards because we're crying O_o;

Not likely to happen buuut ...

Yeah, Jen and I are really nervous. Jen just made her parasite hand and the skull belt buckle out of sculpy and baked it today. She's going to make a resin mold next. She finished the boots (YEAH!) and the other arm gauntlet (DOUBLE YEAH!) and so now all she needs to work on is the hat and the cape w/ armor parts.

I found an awesome, very responsive prop maker to make me Meier's gauntlet glove deal for a decent price. I still need to worry about finding a decent wig and working on different materials for the armor. Jen says that one of her teachers is going to show them how to use this heatable plastic sheeting. It comes in $45 a yard, but I don't think I'd need more than a yard of the stuff ...

I need to get in touch with Cindy, Barb, Jay and Ryan ... very .. very soon.

We need to call them, they don't answer their e-mails very well :P
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In the past two days, all I've had to eat was: monster energy drink, M&Ms, McD's #3, a few sips of coke, a glass of Tang, a small handful of chocolate, and half of a TV dinner that was pretty small to begin with.

And I wonder why I'm feeling really sick right now.

I'm breaking out like mad and it's making me feel really gross. Really really gross. I have no food, I have no money, I worked on my shirt today and it looks like shite.

Can I go die now?

Faramir: Anything I can do for you dad?
Faramir's dad: Yeah. Go die.
Faramir: Nice, real nice.

SLEEP -____-zzZZ
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