February 6th, 2004


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I skored an awesome navy jacket from Ragstock yesterday for $10! $10!! It's so nice and warm. The only thing about it I don't like is the buttons (which I'm going to change) and the elastic on the sleeve lining. It's navy blue too, not black. But that's ok! I can always dye it if I really wanted it black.

I need to get working hardcore on my costumes. This weekend, if I've got any time at all, I need to get some boggart!Snape fabrics and continue searching for a hat, a stuffed animal vulture and 2 stuffed animal cats.

I Googled for a vendor that had stuffed animal toy vultures, but the only ones I could find were around $180 and they were about 2.5 feet tall and really detailed. I don't want that.

I was half thinking of going to a real taxedermy and looking for a stuffed one O_o. It might work! I'm not sure yet ...
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