February 2nd, 2004




I'd post it, but ... I'm too lazy.

I finished my awesome skirt! It actually FITS. What a bloody shock! and it looks neat and clean too. Sooo happy! *squee* Wish my coat would turn out like that ... there needs to be some major modification on that thing. It's waaay too hyoog. And I made a furry black collar, kinda like the one's you got at Wet Seal Ash. It's just a furry collar, nothing else. I was going to make some crazy wild yarn scarf thing, but instead, I may just use that crazy yarn to accent the collar I just made ^_^

I just realized I left my Maguro mix at Jen's. So now I'm going to need to burn a new CD.

I was also wondering if I told my dad my discman got stolen, if he'd get me an iPod o_o. Yeah, I'm totally wishing there, never gonna happen. I do want an iPod tho, when this CD player finally dies. This is the first time I've had one for a really long time. I think I went through about 3 in one year once. This one I've had for 4 years now. The only bad thing that happens to it is sometimes the AVIS sound reducer thing turns on randomly (y'know, it automatically sets the volume to a non-ear-hurtty level, which is usually 3 ... and I always listen to my music at full 9 )

ok, I don't know what I'm doing up right now. I should be sleeping, because the longer I stay up, the more I'm gonna want food.

Speaking of food, I had McD's 3 times in 2 days, after not having consumed McD's in about a month O_o ...
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Bwee, I slept in today! I'm so proud of myself! Err ... yeah.

I hope to hear from the UCC guys to see if I get a call back for that RA position. I'm getting all paranoid now that they won't call me back :/ I really need that job. It would be such a rock off of my dad's shoulders if I get free room and board for a year, maybe 2 (I might have to take another year of school, possibly just a few quarters ... I'm not sure yet ... )

Time to burn a CD, get dressed, and GET SOME FUCKING FOOD BECAUSE I'M STARVING! O_O

I think somethings wrong with maguro ;_______; he's not moving much, except to take a few breaths of air ... I put food in his bowl and he hasn't gone for it. I even poked him gently and he didn't freak out and try to swim away e.e;
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