January 31st, 2004


yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me ...

Yeah, so I had an incredible night last night. No, I didn't have sex. I got drunk. Waaaay drunk. And I still feel it now. But I'm not sick or hungover. So I must've had just enough to inebriate myself before getting to the sick part.

What I had to drink:

1/2 of a white cranberry peach + capt morgan's
2 tequilla shots (y'know, with the salt and lime, first time was AMAZING! Second time didn't go down quite as smoothly ... )
a 24 oz bottle of Bacardi Raz
A shot of straight capt morgans
A shot of bacardi O orange rum
A shot of hypnotiq (a blueberry tasting fruity thing ... )

And now, before I forget it ... Collapse )
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To all of you Animal Crossing fans, this story is for you!

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Oh man, and I just remembered why I love Saiyuki

SANZOxGOKU :O! Sooo predictable. I just finished the 6th DVD, and the next one has the cool bad guy on it that I'm going to cosplay (he has similar hair to mine, I figure it'll be good that I don't have to wear a wig)

My skirt is about 90% finish and I'm loving it! I'm not starting the shirt until tomorrow. I'm pretty tired, only because Jen and Ann keep their room at ABOUT 80 DEGREES :O

Speaking of which, I need some sodie ...

The fucksome trio indeed. They're incomplete
without one another and you know it. You live
to see them with one another, no matter what.

Which Lord of the Rings RPS pairing is your favourite?
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:O! Sexy^2
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