January 25th, 2004


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Woo! I got a microwave! Yay for me!

Work sucked, this weekend sucked.

I was just browsing through Fan's View on the stuff that went on at Ohayo Con. Dear GOD I wish I'd gone so badly. BLOOD was there! They invaded the JRock fanpanel and did up a fan's make up, and they said that their American fans were more enthusiastic about their music than the Japanese people.

Dude. Seriously. They need to get Kozi to ACen. Or Schwarz Stein. Or ... someone! A-Kon gets Miyavi! We should have something cool! Not Duel Jewel. Someone really VK. Or Metronome, that would rawk. And they need Freezepop.

And dear God I have to get started on my Meier costume. I looked at the AWESOME job Ryan from Limebarb did on his Sephiroth Advent Children outfit O_O He won "Best Tight Pants" award! LOL! GO RYAN! And Barb and her friend (I forget her name .. ) did kick ASS Berserker Paine and ... I think Yuna outfits. They were absolutly outstanding. I really should do stuff with Barb and Ryan. They live right down the damn street from me! I should stop in on them sometime. I'd also like to do some cosplay with them, they're super cool people. I hope they still want to do PotC with us. I know Ryan still wants to do Will at some point. Who knows when though.

I don't know why I'm feeling so out of the loop and not .. like myself lately. I think it's because I missed out on a chance to go to OhayoCon, because it looked like it was an incredible con. Well, I've got ACen and Reactor to look forward to.

I must think of some costumes to do that no one has done yet, and that people will be super psyck'd to see. I think Sands would be one of those ... and possibly Boggart!Snape >D

I still need to finish designing my Domestic RedHerring outfit.

Goddamnit school! Why must you get in the way of my insane need to sew muse?! >O!

Now I feel like shit. I need to set up a weekend where all I do is sew ... sew for ACen. Preferably with Jen. I need to figure out the buckram.

*pulls hair out* Now I feel all depressed and alone that I don't have a costume yet ><

Save meh Kozi!
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I fucking hate this