January 23rd, 2004


Gackt'ed from moogle_of_lulu

I <3 OUaTiM! XDD

I'm a Mexican't!


Greg, go play this game, NOW. And make happy yetti noises. Lots of them *nod*

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Maguro's bowl is nice and clean. He was doin' this swim bladder disorder thing earlier. He had gas, poor Maguro. I'm sorry!

Bedy time! *conk*

I can't spell

why is YOUR livejournal annoying?
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Ha! I so too can spell, dewd wtf omg O SNAP

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Your Celebrity Kink Initiation by lokifin
Hair Color
Favorite Texture
LocationProduce Aisle
CelebrityBilly Boyd
ImplementJapanese Rope
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:O! Japanese rope? WTF?

There's an interesting sheet of ice covering the river this morning. Makes me want to go down there and try to walk on it. Hee!

I actually slept really well last night for the first time in a while. I can't believe I was having bad sleep cycles in the first place. I dreampt that I was in my old highschool and I was Agent Sands, bloody eyeball sockets, guns, and marijuana belt buckle and all. I was walking through the busy halls and people were paying no attention to me. It was odd. Not even the Nazi hall monitors were like "Hey ... Mr. Bloody Eyes ... you can't have GUNS in school ... get to class already!"

Maguro had a little swim bladder disorder yesterday after I cleaned his bowl. But he's better now. I'm sorry Maguro! ;_;

Ok, I need food, my skin is so dry it hurts, and I want to go back to bed -_-;

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