January 20th, 2004


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Yay shower!

I feel pretty .. oh so pretty .. I feel pretty, and witty and GAAAAAAAAY.

Uh .. yeah, anyways.

Maybe it's my lack of sleep these days, but it almost looks like ... a lot of people at my school remind me of Bunny. Same blond hair (that I remember, I don't know what color it is now ... ) and oval glasses are popping up everywhere, and I keep thinking to myself "Dude, is that kyolicious?" But ... it's not ...

I'm ... uber tired. But I shouldn't fall asleep with my hair all wet like this, and I should work on my painting that I started today, and is due Thursday. People were amazed that I could draw it so fast. I was about a weekend behind, so I rushed the drawing, but it doesn't look bad ...

I need to sew ... maybe today, after my Art Institute visit, I'll go to Jen's ... or something ... yeah.



Which DEG member will you meet? by unlife
Favorite DEG song
Member metShinya
You receivedA picture with him
He receivedA kiss
Will he remember you?Yes
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Ew, Shinya is gross

Which Band Should You Be In? by couplandesque
Your Name
Band NameJimmy Eat World
TrademarkForeign Accent
Love InterestThe Drummer
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