January 18th, 2004


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Gackt'ed from kaptainsnot

Hottest "Gods I hate you, let's shag NOW!" pairing:Draco/Ron
Hottest "All about teh Luff" pairing:Snape/Harry
Hottest "Kinky beyond reason" pairing:Lucius/Severus
Hottest "This is so very sick but I LOVE it" pairing:Lucius/Harry
Hottest "OMFG this is so illegal" pairing:Snape/Harry
Hottest "Master and Slave" pairing:Rosier/Severus
Hottest "Morally ambiguous" pairing:Snape/Harry
Hottest "So effing CLICHE, but I don't care" pairing:Fred/George
Hottest "Father and Son bonding taken to the next level" pairing:Lucius/Draco
Hottest Threesome pairing:Sirius/Severus/Harry
Hottest "The more the merrier" pairing (orgy):Maurauders+Snape
Hottest "We're just friends that happen to shag" pairing:Harry/Ron
Hottest "WTF that would NEVER happen" pairing:DRACO/HERMIONE or anyone with Neville ...
Hottest "First Time" pairing:Snape/Harry
Hottest "They're both so deliciously evil" pairing:Voldie/Lucius

The Harry Potterverse Pairings Survey brought to you by BZOINK!

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I need RP, now ... damnit ...
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