January 16th, 2004


Whoa ...

Ok, that was wierd. I saw Rick from the Flooring Department from my Home Depot store here at DePaul.

Apparently, he's got a manager job in the Jackson Loop Campus building. It was so wierd seeing him here. I knew I recognized him, but I wasn't quite sure. He was really friendly, actually. It was ... odd. I didn't know him all that well at Home Depot other than just another associate I would have to bother when an order didn't go through.

Needless to say, it was odd. We talked, he said no one should have class on Fridays, and I'd have to agree with him there.

I stopped by the offices of DoM today, apparently they left a message on my old AT&T phone that we had a meeting at 2:30 today. Good thing I stopped by, I wouldn't have known. I thought they updated my new phone number in their system majigger.

Mmmn, ISM ... *licks* I <3 you Kozi sama!

Ok, time for class! Then, it is time ...
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Hmm ... that's odd. I may look bad or rebellious on the outside, but I really am nice ... unless you piss me off, then all shit hits the fan, yo.

I need to clean Maguro's bowl before the weekend ... it's so cloudy already! And I don't think I can trust my roommate to feed him ... hmmmm ... he won't die, will he? If I leave him alone for 2 nights? But if I feed him lots tonight, he should be ok .. yes?
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Ok ...

So, this post kinda went from being just a picture, to now an assload of memes ... ENJOYEEE!


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