January 11th, 2004



I am now teh KEWLEST Kozi fan of dem all, yo. At least, in my world I think I am.

I just got the AIM SN Honey Vanity XD; Yays!

I feel speshul and proud that no one has taken the name yet. The song is so FUN, and it sounded like a cute SN.

Besides that, I might be getting rid of AOL, which means Canine Padfoot, Eccentric Pirate, and Ionelydarkness will be no more ;_; I'll miss Ionelydarkness the most tho, because I've had that SN for like ... 3 years now, the longest ever!

Maguro has built a bubble nest! And I need to get him food and water cleanser tomorrow <.<

Oh, I'm also going to the UCC RA meeting, to see if I'm a worthy opponent to be an Resident Advisor in the new dorm building.

For some reason, I don't really think I'll get in, but I definitely will give it a chance. After all, if I get in, yay free room and board!! And that would be one mighty nice thing to not have to deal with.

Damn, I am so fucking tired. Too late to nap, maybe I should just go to bed already ...
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