January 9th, 2004


d00t d00t d00t

I'm listening to the RotK soundtrack for the first time and it's totally making me want to see the movie again. I actually liked it a lot more than TTT. Just because of all the wonderful Hobbit love XD.

My beta fish tank is getting cloudy already, and it's been only 2 days. I prolly should not feed him as much. And speaking of feed, I need more food, and more water clorifyer. The stuff that came free with the tank was SO measly. I thought it was going to be a bit of a sizable box of each. No, they were like ... samples. The food could last a bit longer, but that clorifyer didn't.

Oh! And I got a pirate ship kite from Ann for Christmas XD It's soooo wicked.

Aaand, a new icon to celebrate it, in light of the AWESOME webpage Ashuri sent moi.

I really need to sew something here, before I forget how to ...

the downfall of your fandom by skuldchan
How it happened:God decreed that your fandom was awesome, and it thus ascended to heaven
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

BAHAHA! Hells yeah ...
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