January 6th, 2004


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I don't think I will ever ... never ever ever get any sort of soul mate ... unless it's Dom Monnigan or Alan Rickman, and then I'd just have sex with them to say that I've had sex with them ... they'd dump me, and I'd kill myself for being so happy that I had sex with Dom and Alan ... oooh, but ... what if I had sex with them together? Oooh, damn, that would be so hawt ...

Anyways, I've strayed I think ...

I can't keep a relationship, nor can I look for one. It's like job hunting, but much more selective. Er ... yeah ...

And OMG, Bacardi R is SOO FUCKING SWEET. It's not at all like Silver or O3. I've got to get me a 6-pack tomorrow ...

And now that I've listened to Steward of Gondor, I'm gonna go curl up in a ball in my room and cry, thinking of the sex I'm not going to be having with Dom and Alan ...
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    This post brought to you by the letter R! For Bacardi R! XD

Ho hum ...

Today is seriously gonna suck. I just finished my first class. Yes, my first class. Why, Julie, what about yesterday's classes? Well, by golly, I'll tell you just what happened!

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Note to self: Pick up more Bacardi R *_* Lots more.

And I've decided that instead of doing Moon Tour black Vash Gackt, I'm going to make my own original JRock design, all in black and red, a la Kozi, because we loves teh Kozi ... we loves him much ... preciouss ... *coughGollumcough*

And Jen and I have this crazy idea to make up a JRock band and cosplay it at ACen and tell people that we're a very indie band in Japan, and see if anyone believes us. I think we may still need to work on a better name. So far, it's Ragnaroku Roku Roku. Jen's band member name is Ick (the creepy member, a la Yu~ki and Seek), she'll be the vocalist/bassist. Iola is going to be our gothic loli drummer named Haze. And I will be the guitarist, I'm still working on a name. Any suggestions?

And I'm going to translate Jyunigatsu no Love Song into parseltongue ... possibly while I'm drunk ...

Hey, kyolicious, how about a Kyo Friday for 2k5? I'm up for it. Jen wants to do Filth, really badly. It'll be fundi-licious!
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    Gackt & Hyde - Orenji no Taiyou

Heh ... *snort*

Y'know how there's Snarry for SnapexHarry, and Snucius for SnapexLucius and such ...

Well ... I just thought of the one for HookxPeter ...

Hooker XD
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All I wanted to do was change the background image ...

And suddenly LJ loses all of my overrides >O I got them all from Ash, and so I have no idea what I'm doing. I fixed it so that the text is off to the left with the new wallpaper I made of Merry and Pip on the right, but I have boring comment tags ;_; I want my "Color me Blood Red" back, but I don't remember the override tag e.e;

Someone wanna help me? <.<;

Look at my new layout anyways! XD

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