December 29th, 2003


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OMFG METORONOMU RAWKS! HAHAHAHAHA *psycotic laughter* I need to sleep ... and get off Jen's computer, before she eats me ...

But, now Jen knows the glory that is Metronome and Kozi's amazing singing voice *swoon*

Ahh, Baby's looking at me as if I were a particularly delicious treat ... *gulp*

ROMANTIK! *does the Space Romantic dance*

Oh yes, and Kill Hanah was pretty sweet in concert, despite wearing killer shoes and getting really gross and sweaty and reeking of smork.

OMG JohnnyxWhatshisface Singer Man, O SNAP

Ok, onto cali//gari!!!!!!!11
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Aah, memory lane ... Mana, of course, taking up two spots because he's a WHORE

Oh yeah, Jen and I went out for a ride today and we sorta got lost and ... ended up at the ACen Hyatt! It was pretty creepy, considering Jen had a dream last night that ACen was the next day and she hadn't finished her D costume yet and was freaking out ...

YAY! ACEN! We've got ... omg, 5 months :O o snap

Hey, kyolicious, do j00 have a pic of you in your Mizerable coat? Jen and I want to see you in it!


I need more money ..
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