December 11th, 2003


Yes, I'm still alive ...

Huzzah! I'm still here! I don't think I've posted anything in about a week, and I'm feeling just incredibly LJ deprived.

Let's see, what's been happening ...

Well, I've been working my ass off at Home Depot, cutting bloody Christmas trees. I do get mad tips though, because I don't think a lot of people have ever seen a 20 year old female brnadishing a chainsaw before.

Because of my hard working duties in the Garden section of my store, I got 1 merit badge and a 2nd one is on the way, along with possibly cashier of the month ^_^

Petras stopped by my work yesterday to pick up some pliers and stuff. I got my 12:01 midnight showing of RoTK tickets last night, and I just got back from Fox Valley mall where I grabbed another handful of buttons for my messenger bag, a "Kiss my, I'm a pirate" shirt and the awesome Merry and Pippin' shirt.

I told Petras that I was going to wear my Jack Sparrow wig and my new Pirate shirt to the showing of LotR and see how many arse whoopings I'd get. It was either that, or I brandish as much Harry Potter shit as I could possibly get and possibly get martyred in the process ...

I want to go back to school ...

Ash just informed me that today is the day that my beloved first JRock band, Malice Mizer, split up ;_; That makes me sad.

Ash and I are going to go watch 28 Days Later now. I have another day off tomorrow, probably just going to sleep a whole lot.

I need to make another costume before I die of sewing deprivation. I should've brought home my Jack and Gackt fabrics so I could work while I had days off from Home Depot.

Well, I think this has been a long and very involved post, and I'm sure none of you have actually made it all the way to the bottom of this post.

But, to those that have: thank you!

I miss you all! I'll be back on a daily posting basis of LJ shortly!

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