November 15th, 2003


Pass the Julie!

Today went well, fun times were had. I didn't get much sleep (yet again) but that doesn't matter ...

I skored a Drain Away Kaoru pin, listened to a lot of Metronome and found a new band, Meri. They look nice, they're music is ok ... *shrug*

I've now decided on like, 200 more costumes I want to make. Ok, more like ... 2

Drain Away Kaoru

The lead singer of Buck Tick, BECAUSE HE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE A JAP!SNAPE OMGshimasu *drool* sooo hawt :P

Mum called me like ... 3 times today. I don't want to talk to de 'rents. I'm still mad at them. And I have finals this week. And then ... it's one hyooog retarded break for me, where I work a lot, and get more money, for more 'stumes ^_^;

I need RP. Right now. God damn you Colleen, come back! :O
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