November 11th, 2003


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Man, I had a PotC dream ... and it was ... messed up ... as usual

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I think my roommate was trying to wake me up this morning. She was being loud and tossing her books and playing music, and she turned the light on and off a few times. I knew I should've gotten up, but I really didn't want to. I just hate that teacher so much, she doesn't teach us a damn thing. The final paper has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING we've learned in class, it's fucking stupid.

And I think I'm going to do a scene from OotP for my storyboard project. It only has to be 12-24 shots, so I'm thinking of a semi-short scene I could do. Maybe Harry's first detention with Umbridge ... I don't know, anyone have suggestions?

Jen should be here any moment. And I should be leaving any moment with her, to go to claaaaaaaass, because I can't miss any more of this class, or my grade'll drop, and I can't have that :P
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