November 8th, 2003


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Alright, anyone that's seen Moon child would know what it means when I say I *totally* pulled a Kei last night at Denny's.

I took Ash's cig before she lit it and told her "Put your hand up ... y'know, like Sho. I'm gonna throw it at you ... " And y'know what? I DID IT. I made the cig transport itself in between her fingers. IT WAS SO FUCKIN' SWEET omg snaps.

So, Ash came to pick me up at my dorm, we went to visit Gregz0r at work, much burping was had. We went to get Wendy's and come back here. Ash showed me Coupling, the TOTALLY AWESOME MUCH MORE SUPERIOR BRITISH VERSION.

And I realized I had seen the American first version, and the British version is just SO MUCH BETTER. Y'know why?


No, seriously, the guy that plays Norrington is in it, and he's really good and really funny, and has the most incredible knowledge of why men like porn. It all has to do with ... birth canals ... and bums ... it's just bloody amazing. I love his voice too. He's really sexy. Thnx Ash for getting me into the BRITISH version of Coupling.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps ... ;)
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This just in (to me):

The truth behind the oragami swan picture (from

"We asked him about the bird, and he cleared it up: Draco, while faking injury from Buckbeak, draws a picture of Harry being electrocuted by a lightning bolt; he then folds it up like so and it actually flies over to Harry, who is less than pleased upon receiving it."

So, all of you awesome people that made those "To Potter with Love" icons, you so rawk.

It also explains the jewlery. Lucius is such a pimp ...

"Also note the rings Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle are wearing; they are tiny silver snakes, and the kids also have tie clips. A touch from Cuaron, only these Slytherins wear the ornamentation; it was decided amongst the kids the jewelry was a gift from Lucius Malfoy."

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