November 5th, 2003


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Sickness sucks. Good thing I only have one class today. My roommate I think is sick too. She says she's taking the day off.

I was thinking of other costumes I want to do. I took off the Transylvanian Kozi, because I really don't think I'm going to make that costume. It looks like another $300 one, and I don't think I can spend that much on another costume .-.

So, instead, I've added Prism Daishi. And then I know Jen said she wanted to do Filth Kyo (she's obsessed with that video now ... kinda creepy) And because Yui's already done Kaoru like ... perfectly, I'm stuck with doing someone else. I don't want to do Die, Shinya's looks ... ugly, so I think I may just end up doing Totchi's. Maybe ... I'm not sure.

My ass hurts ...
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So, like, I just woke up. I missed my friend, almost right as I fell asleep too. Damn, she better come back on, or I'll be super super sad.

I woke up wanting a cheeseburger, but now I'm not feeling too hot. *sigh*

And what's with all of the spammers all of a sudden? I'm getting a lot of IMs on both Sns from Robin392591629125937 or Sam291749175632035 etc.

Grrr, go away.

I'm going to get food ...

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