November 4th, 2003


Yeah ... and stuff ... W

I should be in class now. But I'm not. I just couldn't wake up this morning, and I had an excellent amount of sleep last night too.

I'm just so sick of school. I'm not doing what I want to do, and I can't do what my heart wants. To be truthful, I don't even know what my heart wants to do any more.

Wait, I know what it wants to do. Update my LJ, RP, make LJ icons, and sew.

That's not really a good career.

I hate how I'd have to go through the nazi theater program in order to learn about costuming. There's not fashion design at DePaul, so I can't really go that route either.

And I haven't really talked about the latest situation with my parents, but ... it's bad. Very bad. So much so that I'm afraid of continuing my education at DePaul.

Y'know, when someone you think is so invincible, someone like your dad, suddenly proves that they're not all that strong or reliable ... it makes you lose your own strength.
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whoa ...

I was just looking at my Blistex complete moisture lip balm, and it says "Copyright Blistex Inc., Oak Brook Illinois 60523"

OMG my fav chapstick was made in my home town, SWT!


Oh, and if anyone is going to OhayoCon uhm ... yeah, gimmy a ring? I kinda wanna go, but I was hoping I could crash with someone ... yeeeah. toshimasa you should come tew ^^ It be in January
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