November 2nd, 2003


... and really bad OMG WTF KTHNXBYEWB

Oh gosh, so much happened this weekend, and thanks to my brother, the computer at home just CANNOT handle LJ's main page whatsoever. It blows up as soon as I press enter. GRAWR

My mom asked me how much not having AOL would effect me. Well, despite the fact that I've had the same SN for ... oh ... 4 years now and getting rid of AOL would mean getting rid of Ionelydarkness, that means I'd have to make a new SN ...

which, I just did today, and I should've waited. But I made Eccentric Pirate. I just *had* to make a Sparrow SN. So, yes, I did. w00t

Well, I bet you're wondering why I'm posting on LJ?

Yeah, I'm at Ash's, genius.

I'll write up my Halloween experience later. I took a graaaand totaly of ... 4 pictures during Halloween. Sadness. Oh, and BTW, Petras wore my Gardenia outfit O_o. If anyone knows Petras ... yeah, it just looked terrifying on him.

More to come later on today! Wee!

foodo nomimasu! Right ... and stuff .. that's ... yeah ... BURP
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