October 29th, 2003


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Red Rose

You are a deeply passionate person - spunky and
full of life. You crave excitement and
attention, and you like to be the

center of attention. You are a true extrovert and
love the limelight - the more attention you get
the happier you are. You

are truly courageous to express yourself so openly
and honestly, never fearing the outcome. But,
more than anything, you are searching for love.
True love or just a temporary fling - it
doesn't matter to you - it's the rush of
emotion that you crave. However, when you do
find the one you are looking for you will love
them with all your heart, forsaking all others,
and all that desire and passion will be focused
on your one true love. Yours is the bud of
excitement, passion, life, and true love.

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for something completely different....

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Red like ... eyeballs ... mmmm

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