October 24th, 2003


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So .... it's like .... 9:05 ... Ann is suppose to be at class, but she's still in the bathroom. Keidy and Jen are still very asleep, I need to call mom and tell her I'm not coming home this weekend. Can't tell her it's because of a con, or she might flip. I want to go now, but Jen probably won't be up for at least another hour, maybe 2, unless we get her up. And then she has to pack ><

Oh, Keidy's awake! Yay!

Keidy was the one in the bathroom, not Ann ... Ann's still sleeping ... she's ... just gonna sleep and not go to class ... poor Ann ...

We have to gooooooo >< I wanna gooooo! Waaaaaah! *poutwhinebitchmoancry(*
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