October 23rd, 2003


oh maaaaan ...

I think it's time to start begging dad for a second hard drive. I have 866 mb left, all because of my projects and such ... and my movies of course :D

I couldn't run disk defrag last night because I needed at least 15% free space, and I only had 4% x.o;

A nice 40 or 60 gig hard drive would do me well ... they're not too badly priced, and I can get Drew to install it for me ^_^

Internet was being a bitch last night when I got back from Jen's. I watched this craaaaaaaaazy french film called "City of Lost Children" and wow was it cool. I say there's lots of pedophilia, but Jen and Ann beg to differ.

A local fair's strongest man finds this little boy that he saves off the streets and calls little brother gets kidnapped by these Cyclops and has to go find him. He runs into a gang of children theif, one of them is named Miette, and she is WAY too adult for her 8 yr old status. They band together and ... it's just a very visual film. It's got this wonderful warm colour to it that I just loved. And little kids speaking french is just adorable.

God, why am I so BLOODY hungry?!
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Ho hum, there's nothing to do. I don't really want to go back to DoM if I have to come back here for class in an hour. That's just pointless. I messed around with the idea of maybe crashing on that nice leather bench outside of my class on the 2nd floor, but like, I'd fear people think I was a bum.

I'm really tired, but I guess that's sorta ok, considering I woke up at boofoo 7 and sat around in bed staring at the ceiling. Once again, I woke up feeling really nauseated and I can't describe it. Perhaps it's just nerves or something?

Reactor tomorrow! w00t! I can't wait. Keidy is going to be my bonnie lass once again, but this time she's wearing her Ren dress she got at Ren faire this year. She says it hurts to wear for very long, but she's gonna wear it as long as possible. I wanna ask aweseome Rocketeer-man if I can borrow his aztec gold for her to wear. So she can be like Elizabeth ... or ... something .. yeah.

Ok, so I got kinda sick of listening to PotC all the time, so I poped Gackt Mars back into my CD player, and refurbished my love of Gakuto.

I'm sorry I couldn't cosplay as Moon Tour black Vash at Reactor, Gakuto. But I'm going to save it for ACen next year.

Jen's got this crazy costume idea for Saturday. She's going to wear her Kyo-esk mask she made (It's this leather headress with metal spike mowhawk, and an O2 mask with tenticles coming out of the bottom, it's super spiffy!) and wrap herself almost entirely in bloody bandages. I think she's gonna wear her D pants and platform boots too.

Hey kyolicious, Yukster hopes she doesn't make you cry when you see her D costume, like you did when you saw my friend Emily's Alan Schezard cosplay o_o The pants so far look really neat. She wore them with a nice short black pleated skirt, a black tank top and a black sport coat to dinner 2 nights ago. We're both using the exact same stretch pleather for D and Moon Tour. The back of the fabric is SOOO SOFT and *rubrub* feels sooo nice against your skin.

Ha, people are looking for computers, and they can't have mine! :P It looks like I'm working on something rather important. Which .. I kinda ... am ...

Damnit, I'm board, and I still have an hour!

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