October 18th, 2003


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Drinking a couple bottles of Smirnoff = feeling icky in the morning = don't want to go to work = wanna go back to sleep

Roommate returned last night at like, 3 in the morning, BUSTED into the bedroom, throwing things, talking loudly, etc. Nearly threw a boot at me :/

Now I have to get dressed and wait for dad to come get me, yay.

Update on the brother situation: He's gone, not coming back. Good. Now I can look through all his shit and get mine back, and my parents can start throwing his crap out. I'm sure they'll just put it in boxes and in the basement. They keep saying they're not gonna let him back, but knowing my mom, she'd still let him back.

God I don't want to move :x

And god damnit Gojyo, STAND ON YOUR OWN!
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