October 14th, 2003


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Well, today is shaping out to be a lot better than last night. I'm just a little hung over, amazing how I got so tipsy after one Smirnoff when the other day I had 2 and a half and it barely did anything ... or maybe I was just too stupid to realize it.

Anyways, I just got out of my Contem Art class where I had that presentation.

Dude, we aced it. Our group went first, and after the second and third groups went, the teacher leaned over to me and said "You guys set the standard, you did really well ... "

That TOTALLY makes me feel better.

Oh, and Rachel gave me an uberly delicious sugar cookie from Jewel last night. OMG it's sooooo good. You can't really tell if you're biting into the frosting or into the cookie, IT'S SOOO SOFT *drool* I want another one. I might go to Jewel and nab me a package. Halloween cookies rule.

So yeah, now I'm taking up one of the computers in the library to cure my boredom before my next class. It's at 1:30, and it's noon now.

And jeebus it's raining and cold and icky outside. I hate it so much. I don't mind rain, except when it's cold and windy, then it just really really sucks.

I'm glad some guy left his umbrella on the El. It's a great, sturdy umbrella that doesn't fold when the wind blows, and it's black so it may have some Mana cosplaying possibilities perhaps ...

Speaking of cosplay, one of the groups in my class did the artist movement Bauhaus and they did plotless costume plays.

I was all "oou, cosplay ... " They were really crazy costumes too. It was interesting. The rest of the presentation was utterly boring.

Ho hum, I want ... Chinese! Aww, man! I just realized I left my Chinese food left overs from lunch yesterday in the fridge at home ...

Speaking of home, I wonder what John thought of his destroyed room *smirk* I haven't gotten a phonecall from my parents or my brother. I think my parents actually allowed me to destroy his room. That makes me feel soo good.

Mmmn, destruction.

Oh, and I think I want to talk to Cindy to see if she can show me how, orif she can make me Sparrows leather hat. I want to make the coat soon for Halloween, possibly Reactor, if I get the time and stuff.

Oh yeah, and my dad told me he's going out of town on the weekend of Reactor and he wants me to come home to be with mom .. I didn't tell him I was going to a convention because I was afraid he would flip out. After Nimbus, I shall never mention a convention to him ever again. Never.

This long rambling post has been brought to you by the letter ... 8
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