October 13th, 2003


boo hoo

Nothing like coming home to find that all of your posessions have been stolen ...

And the best part, I know EXACTLY who stole them ... because I found evidence all over his room. The fuck up that I refuse to call my brother has gone and done it again.

My CDs were taken out of their cases, never to be seen again. Including Gackt's Mars album, my Kenshin CD, all of my Gatecrasher Euro imports, my Stargate and Stargate SG-1 soundtracks, my Star Wars double CD set that HE FUCKING GAVE ME FOR CHRISTMAS.

Along with my entire Trigun series ... that sent me completely over the edge. I walked into his room and destroyed it. Broke CDs with my bare hands, ripped up photos, broke picture frames, pulled his clothes out of his dresser looking for my stuff, found more of my CDs, mostly just the cases, found $100, threw a full bottle of alcohol at the wall and shattered it, and screamed bloody murder.

On top of all that? I had to go to the dentist, where she severely hurt me to the point where I was crying ... although I wasn't sure if it was from what my brother did, or from the pain she was inflicting on me.

I drove home blurry eyed, traveling down 355 at 80 mph smoking the last 5 cigaretts I had.

So, I really don't think my day could've been any worse. Could you?

Oh yeah, except for this cubism presentation that I'm working on right now, that's due tomorrow.
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On top of all the shit that's already happened, potc has to go and pull this childish bullshit ...

I deleted the post, but the fucking mod deleted my post because I had my cosplay pics up.

No, she didn't ask "Mind putting them beind a cut tag?"

She just fuckin' deleted it, the immature prick.

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