October 11th, 2003



It is way too bloody early for me to be up right now. But I left my registration in my Gackt coat and I have to leave with Jen to get my ID so that I can get into my dorm and get it x.o;

It was ... really boring yesterday. Ann and I sat through a small panel on how to use Final Cut Pro and saw this guys awesome music videos.

Then Jen arrived and became the center of attention for all the little drooling fanboys.

I got my picture taken ONCE. Only once. No one thinks my Gackt coat is a costume. ;_;

Jen almost tripped and fell on the airmatress. WTG Jen.

Keidy gave me this wonderful project to do last minute last night when Jen and I got back at around midnight. It only took me an hour, like I said. I had to make kitty ears and a kitty tail with a bow and bell. The fur shed all over hell, and I think I inhaled a lot of it. But Jen and Ann think they look cute. Keidy is the one that's going to have to finally decide it in the end tho.

It's gonna be a pirate day for me! Arr!

Quote of the day for yesterday: "Hakkai, you're the cutest guy I ever tried to kill!"
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That's all I have to say .... for now.

I haven't eatten, I'm dead tired, I'll tell you all about my Sparrow experience tomorrow.

BTW - lilacwire, you're in the Fan's Viewcosplay book twice, you sexy bitch. For Klaha and Rikku ^_^
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