October 10th, 2003


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A - Act your age - almost 21!
B - Boyfriend - ...
C - Chore you hate - cleaning the toilet
D - Dad's name - Jack
E - Essential make up item - Mascara
F - Favorite color- navy blue
G - Gold or silver - Silver
H - Hometown - Oak Brook, IL
I - Instruments you play - Flute, clarinet, trumpet, kazoo
J - Job title - that crazy cashier
K - Kids - medium rare, plz
L - Living arrangements - DoM, nice apartment style living for insane price!
M - Mom's name - Mary
N - Number of people you've slept with - your MOM
O - Overnight hospital stays - none
P - Phobia - standing next to trains
Q - Quote you like - My anus is bleeding!
R - Religious affiliation? - neo pagan
S - Sibling - demon child for a brother
T - Time you wake up? - Whenever I feel like it
U - Unique habit - Sewing
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat - brusselsprouts
W - Worst habit - hypocritical, moody
X - X-rays you've had - my teeth and my back and my neck
Y - Yummy food you make - scrambled eggs
Z - Zodiac Sign - Sag

Ok,that was fun for like ... all of 5 minutes. I'm at Ann's right now playing with her little quarter-sized turtle named Tetris. He's really fast for a turtle, and he's adorable. Jen finished her very cute loli dress, but she still needs to make the headband, which she says will take her no more than an hour.

And now it looks like Jen is only going to Kaze on Friday, and so is Ann. Poo on them. So I'll be with Keidy on Saturday, and I don't know if I'm going to go in costume or get in costume there.

As much as I really like my costume, I feel really wierd about going IN costume to the convention. I wish I had a room to crash in, maybe I could find one while I'm there on Friday. I'm going as Au Revoir Gackt on Friday instead of Sparrow. But Jen's not sure if she'll be able to get out before noon on Saturday.

Graaah, and Ann's being a SHIT and going to Dag instead of the con >P You suck Ann.

And Keidy's gonna wanna go insanely early, unless I can prevent her from doing so ^_^;

Anywhoo, I'm ... sorta tired ... maybe I'll head home ...

added later, for sake of not putting in another entry.

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Drew's letting me borrow his uber spiffy Samsung S105!! WEE! He's become a product specialist at T-Mo, and so ... any phone he wants ... he gets to borrow ... FOR FREE ... and keep it as long as he wants. But he only gets one phone at a time. So I'm hoping that I'll get to borrow his S105 a lot this year ^_^ Untill I decide to get one of my own.

And he's letting me borrow the CLIPPPP TOOOO *drool*

I told him about that Japanese Fruits book, and how people do insane things to their phones, and he threatened me that if I did something insane to his phone he'd shoot me.

Would I do that? *bats eyelashes*

Note to body: You're not pregnant, stop having morning sicknes :x

In a few minutes I'll be off to kurasu to hand in my shiukudai and then it's off to Kazecon! .... that is, if we can find it!! XD
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